Welcome to red lipstick heaven.
In 21 different shades.

You’ve just discovered the largest, most luscious and sumptuous red lipstick range on the planet!

RED Cosmetica is the Australian luxury cosmetics brand that’s here to make sure every woman can find more shades of red lipstick she rocks than you ever thought possible.

The brand was borne out of the realisation that in all the time lipstick has been gracing the lips of women all over the world, no-one had ever created a comprehensive range of the one colour so many women state as their signature look. Or yearn to have as their signature look. Red.

That’s why everything we do, we only do in red. From sumptuous, long-lasting red lipsticks in 21 shades. And soon, ultralast velvet matte lip crayons, nail polishes that match every lipstick in our range (yes, even matte nail polish!) and luxurious treats for eyes and skin.

The RED Cosmetica range is inspired by the sensuous, self-confident and empowered world of Burlesque. In fact, every one of our red lipstick shades has been hand picked by, and named after, 21 of the world’s most renowned Burlesque performers. What’s more, all RED Cosmetica lipsticks are 100% allergy tested, non-comodegenic, cruelty-free & enriched with Vitamin E to keep your lips moisturised and  luscious.