3 simple red lipstick tips for thin lips

September 14, 2018 Adam

3 simple red lipstick tips for thin lips

Use a lip liner to make your lips fuller

If you want fuller, plumper lips, before you consider having your lips flipped, flopped or filled with a foreign substance, try applying a liner just outside your natural lip line. It works brilliantly and gives an instantly natural lip plump without having to resort to permanent duck face.

Stick to creams

The older you are, the creamier your lips should look. Unfortunately, our lips thin as we … mature. So if you’re past your second 18th birthday (or simply weren’t near the front of the line when lips were handed out) avoid matte and gloss and stick with a creamier lipstick.

Beware the dark side

One last tip: if you have thin lips, beware the dark side. Dark lipstick shades are evil – avoid at all costs.

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