The Red Cosmetica story


It all started with two questions

Red lipstick is without question the most celebrated lipstick colour for virtually every woman on earth, so why is it that so many women are on a continual and seemingly never ending search for the perfect red?

And why is it that so many others have come to the conclusion that red lipstick just doesn’t suit them?

Those two questions are the very reason for the birth of Red Cosmetica.

Before we were created, we asked countless women who loved red lipstick why they thought finding the perfect red was so damn hard. Their virtually unanimous response went something like this: “first, I have to pick through dozens of shades of different brands before I can even find one or two that seem ok. Who has time for that?! And then if I find a shade or two I love, so often the formulation is terrible – it either dries your lips out, bleeds everywhere or doesn’t last.”

Then we asked women who didn’t wear red lipstick why. More often than not the reason was that they tried the ‘signature’ reds of a few different brands they thought looked amazing on their friends and beauty bloggers, but they though they looked plain nasty on them. So many brands lead women to believe that their signature shades of red will look incredible on every woman of every skin tone and complexion. This is completely untrue!

Solving these two problems is at the very core of Red Cosmetica’s raison d’être and the solution was surprisingly simple: create an entire range of moisturising, long-lasting, non-bleed red lipsticks. Just reds.

So in 2014 the world’s first ever red lipstick brand was born, under the name Red Burlesque with a mission to make damn sure every woman, anywhere in the world, could find her perfect reds in a heartbeat. Red Burlesque boasted 21 shades or red, each hand picked by and named after 21 world-renowned Burlesque performers from all corners of the globe.

As time passed we came to realise two things: one, that 21 shades was too daunting a number to be able to choose from, and two, other lipstick brands had begun to attach the word Burlesque to some of their shades of red. So we reduced the range to 15 shades and re-branded as Red Cosmetica.

And that’s our story. So far …


Some of the lip smacking goodness in Red Cosmetica lipsticks


Apricot kernel oil

A light, moisturising oil that easily sinks into your lips to help soften and protect from the elements. It’s also rich in vitamins A, C and E and has anti-inflammatory properties.


A plant based wax extracted from the wax-coated stems of the Candelilla shrub. Candelila wax is softening and protective of your lips.


A vegetable wax extracted from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree. It has deep emollient, moisturising and protective properties for lips.

Castor oil

Derived from the castor beans of the Ricinus Communis plant, which grows in Africa and Asia, Castor oil hydrates and refreshes lips and makes them feel more supple.


Lanolin a natural derived from sheep’s wool that can easily penetrate the lip barrier to deliver deep moisturising and protective properties.