Does red lipstick suit everyone?

You no doubt have a friend or two (maybe even you) who says they can’t do red lipstick.

Well, we’re here to tell you that not only can everyone rock a red lip, everyone can rock more than one shade!

Women who say they can’t do red lipstick generally fall into two groups: those who have been duped by big brands into thinking that their ‘iconic’ lipstick shade suits everyone; or those who have tried shades that looks amazing on a friend, but look frightening on them.

It’s not red lipstick they can’t do, it’s simply those particular shades you can’t do.

How do you find your perfect shade of red? It boils down to two three things – your skin tone, your complexion and your age.

  1. Your skin tone
    We all fall into one of three skin tones – cool, warm or neutral. Once you know your skin tone, you immediately know which shades suit you … and which shades to leave well alone. Here’s how to tell what skin tone you are.
  2. Your complexion
    Complexion falls into four main categories and each complexion suits different shades of red:
    – Fair skin that usually burns, then tans generally suit bold raspberry reds.
    – Medium skin that sometimes burns, but tans well generally suit wine reds and coral reds.
    – Olive skin that rarely burns and tans well generally suit orange reds and coral reds.
    – Tanned and brown skin that very rarely burns and tans well generally suit deeper wine reds, berry reds, and brick reds.
  3. Your age
    Plump, youthful lips can generally pull off anything from extreme glosses and mattes, to vibrant or deep shades and even two shades/tones at the same time. As we age however, our lips get thinner and it’s time to pull back gradually to cream finishes and true reds (for those with a cool skin tone) and deeper coral reds (for those with a warm skin tone). For those with thin lips, don’t despair, you can use our tips for thin lips to make them appear fuller and more youthful.

We code our lipsticks by skin tone and finish to make it as easy for you to find your perfect red and to buy it online with complete confidence that it will not only suit you, you’ll rock it!

So, now you know how to find the shades of red lipstick you rock it’s time to go forth and shop with supreme confidence. A great place to start is here.

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