How to create the perfect red lip

All eyes are drawn to the woman with sensuous lips and a perfect red pout. But how to get it? It’s easier than you think if you follow these tips … 

Prepare the Canvas

All masterpieces require careful preparation of the canvas. Artful and expressive lips need preparing too.

Start with smooth, clean and moisturized lips. Like facial skin, lips need to be regularly exfoliated with your fingertip and a scrub made from a little olive oil and sugar or gentle rubbing with your toothbrush or a soft cloth. Massage gently in a circular motion. The longer you massage (within reason – remember you’re exfoliating, not trying to remove your lips altogether) the more intense the exfoliation will be.

Start with a Sketch

Carefully applying a liner just outside your actual lip line instantly gives the appearance of plump, full and youthful lips. Note to self: never use a dark liner with light colors of lipstick.

Using liner as a base color to fill in your lips is much the same as using a foundation for your face, in fact, your foundation also works brilliantly as a base for your lipstick! Doing this gives the lipstick a smooth base to stick to and helps to extend the wearability of the lip color.

On with the Show

Starting at the middle peak of the upper lip, apply the lipstick gently, working towards the edge and then repeat for the other side. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom lip. Then blot your lips gently with a tissue and reapply.

After reapplying, line your lips once more to define the edges and prevent smudges. This also prevents bleeding that often occurs with other lipsticks

Keeping the Look

Keeping red smudges off your teeth is as simple as remembering to discreetly slip your index finger into your mouth, gently close your lips and pull the finger out very slowly. All the excess color will remain attach to your finger and not your teeth.

A simple and discreet lick of the lips before sipping from a glass will help keep the beautiful color on your lips, instead of on your wine glass.

Quality is everything

Lastly, go for quality when choosing your lipstick brand. Cheap lipsticks will always look it and never last.

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