15 luxurious shades of red lipstick in moisturising mattes, creams and glosses


Welcome to red lipstick Heaven!

You’ll find all of our shades are named according to the <ahref=”https://redcosmetica.com/what-skin-tone-are-you-heres-how-to-tell/”>skin tone they suit best (cool/warm/all) and the finish (matte, cream, gloss) to make it easy for you to pick the shades that suit you in a heartbeat.

The first letter of the name is the skin tone it suits: C=cool; W=warm; A=all

The second letter is the the finish: M=matte; C=cream; G=gloss

If you’ve been matched to your perfect reds by our Beauty Team, just go to ‘Search all shades’ below, add those shades to your shopping cart and enter your unique discount code at checkout to receive them for $AUD70 including free worldwide shipping.