The best way to try on lipstick without it touching your lips

September 21, 2020

So imagine this – you stumble across a stunning new range of lipsticks from a hot new brand in your fave beauty store and you absolutely have to try them all! But there’s so many and the thought of trying on and wiping off a dozen or more shades is such a chore. What to do?

We’re here to save you with the easiest, fastest, most accurate way to try those new lippies that’s not on your lips.

The trick is to try it on the part of your skin that’s the closet in tone to your lips.

Many automatically go for the wrists or the back of the hand, but the skin tone of your wrists and hands is nothing like that of your lips.

The best way to test lipstick is actually on your fingertips because they have the closest undertone to your lips. Even better, you don’t need to go overboard applying multiple swipes of colour – one swipe is normally sufficient. You should immediately be able to tell if it suits you, but to make absolutely sure just hold your finger up next to your lips and voila!

Oh, and if you want an even easier way to see what shades of red lipstick suit you, we have an app for that. Just go to the Red Cosmetica Instagram page, follow us and you’ll be able to use our Instagram filter to try on all of our shades. All without lifting more than a finger. Click here to go to our Insta page now.

Happy shopping red lipstick lovers.

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