The guy’s guide to buying lipstick for girls

December 15, 2019

The guy’s guide to buying lipstick for girls

Christmas is so close you can smell it. You want to buy her the perfect gift. Something unique that no man has ever bought her before. Yet, despite thinking about it day and night for weeks you still have absolutely no idea what that perfect gift would be.

Well, you’re search has finally come to an end, because if she’s like most women she absolutely adores red lipstick and adores discovering a new brand and killer shade of red.

But how do you choose the right new killer shade and know she’ll fall head over heels for it (and you)?

There are only three things you need to remember – skin tone, complexion, finish.

Her skin tone

Look at the veins in her wrists in natural light. If they look green she has a warm skin tone, if they look blue she’s a cool skin tone. And if it’s somewhere in-between, she has a neutral skin tone and can pull off pretty much any shade of red lipstick. 

Big hint … over 80% of women fall into the cool category, so if you don’t know her skin tone, go with cool and hope to hell she’s not in the 20%.

Cool Skin tones suit blue tones of red, berry reds, blackberry reds, brick reds and plum tones.

Warm Skin Tones suit orangey reds, warm reds, tomato reds, brown based reds, golden reds and tawny reds.

Her complexion

If she has fair skin, go with light to mid red shades. If she has a medium or olive skin tone, you can go with mid reds to slightly deeper reds. And if she has dark skin, you can go either darker or brighter, depending on her skin tone.

The lipstick finish she wears most

This one’s simple because there are only three main finishes – matte, cream/satin, gloss. Matte looks dry on her lips and has no shine to it. Cream or satin has a slight shine to it. Gloss is exactly as it says and has a glossy appearance on her lips.

When you think about it, you probably already know which shades of red look great on her so the above shopuld give you all the confidence you need to take the plunge.

Oh, and don’t even think of buying a lipstick for under $30 because cheap lipstick looks it. In fact, just stick to a Red Cosmetica lipstick and you’ll never go wrong.

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