What's your perfect shade of red?

Let Red Cosmetica's founder and Creative Director, Adam Coutts, tell you!

What's my shade, Adam?

Hi, thanks for visiting the online consult page!

You’ve found this page after I shared the link with you either directly or via a chat with me on social media about having an online consult to find your perfect red. So., let’s begin …

All Red Cosmetica lipsticks are named according to the skin tone they suit best (cool/warm/all) and the finish (matte, cream, gloss) to make it easy for you to pick the shades that suit you in a heartbeat. But to make it even easier, I’m going to tell you which shades are your perfect reds.

Just answer all three questions below and attach a recent headshot of yourself (with or without makeup) and I’ll personally have a look and tell you which Red Cosmetica shades you’ll absolutely rock!