Red – the most sensual colour on earth

September 10, 2018
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September 10, 2018 Adam

Red – the most sensual colour on earth

RED Burlesque lipstick stand

Red is one of the three primary colours. It’s the colour that generates the greatest response in people worldwide and is well known to set our sense and emotions running wild – from passion to poison.

Research studies have proved that offices with a strong red theme results in employees working faster. But of course, faster work results in errors of judgement and mistakes, so before you go ordering a few dozen tins of red paint, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Perhaps that’s why red sports cars always seem to be the first ones to hit the wall in a race.

Red walls, it so happens, have been shown to increase in appetite (ever wondered why just when you think you’re full in a Chinese restaurant, you order yet another dish?).

One study has even proved that when two sports teams are equally matched, the team dressed in red is more likely to win.

Red is often used to draw attention and make items appear stronger, brighter, heavier … sexier. Red has been found to have such an impact on our emotions that it can cause the heart to beat faster.

Red can also incite confrontation. But most importantly, red – and multitude of shades of red – are the universally recognised symbol of love.

So when it comes to lipstick, what shade should you wear to impress, seduce, create passion and generally look and feel sexy as hell? Anything RED Cosmetica of course!

By Adam Coutts

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