A new season is a perfect excuse to buy a new lipstick shade

As if you needed an excuse to buy a new shade of red! Nevertheless here it is.

Unless you’re a naturally olive or dark beauty, you’ll find that lipstick shades (especially reds) that looked stunning on you last season may still look good but not amazing.

Why? Simply because as you tan in Summer or lose your tan in Winter, shades that really popped before don’t have the same intensity against your newly browning or fading skin. Add to that the harsher Summer sunlight and softer Winter sunlight and you’ve found the perfect excuse to up your lipstick game with a bold new shade.

To make it easy here’s a quick guide to selecting your new season’s perfect shade of red:

Fair skin – go for classic true reds with a touch of pink such as AG1, CC1 and WG1.

Medium skin –  go for cranberry and brick reds such as CM2, CC3 and CM3.

Olive skin – go for orange and coral reds such as WC1, WM1 and WG1.

Dark skin – go for deep plum and coral reds such as AC1, CC2 and WM1.

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